Shows and casinos in Las Vegas

Those that never have been in Las Vegas might think that it’s quite the same experience as playing at a normal online casino. That’s so wrong though! In Vegas it’s all about having fun, it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about playing at the casinos, watching a show, listening to some music or going clubbing. It’s all about having fun! It’s really true what they say – Las Vegas is a paradise for adults.

One thing that I would recommend before going to Las Vegas all though is to learn all the different casino games and learn the rules. One very efficient way of doing this is using the no deposit bonuses that you can claim on online casinos. That way you would learn yourself all the different rules while not risking any money even if you still get the thrill and possibility of winning. Our favourite site if you wan’t to find some no deposit bonuses is probably (you can find their no deposit list here). It’s a site (as you can hear on the name) solely focused on casino and betting bonuses.

Back to Vegas… We have some casinos that you always visit if you’re in Vegas. Our favourite is probably The Venitian, it’s one of the biggest casinos and hotels in the world and has it all. Great restaurants, some awesome bars and a huge and exclusive casino. Party of the furnishing at The Venitian is done just like it’s Venice with canals, boats, Italian restaurants and squares – it’s a really awesome place to just walk around at.


Some other favourites includes Cosmopolitan, Casino Royale, Ceasars Palace, Bellagio and MGM.