Listening to Music at RCA

rcamark2If you want to hang out with Bangkok’s hippest party people, make sure you get your butt down to RCA. Royal City Avenue, which is commonly known as RCA, is one of the most popular places in Bangkok among people who like to party. This colorful entertainment zone is home to more than two dozen different bars, nightclubs and live music venues that attract trendy Thai people and Westerners from all around the world. Here’s an overview of some of RCA’s hottest venues.

Cosmic Cafe

This popular live music venue is the perfect place for music lovers to hang out while visiting Bangkok. An eclectic range of bands are regularly hosted here from local Thai bands that have already made a name for themselves on the city’s competitive music scene to international acts. Cosmic Cafe also offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere where even people who visit alone are sure to find plenty of new friends by the end of the night.

Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow provides a relaxing atmosphere where music appreciators are given a space to sit and sip a few beers while soaking up the cool vibes and people watching in style. The main focus at Mellow Yellow is jazz music, while visitors are sure to enjoy the regular jam sessions.

Route 66

The night really heats up when you head to Route 66. Live bands are certainly easy to come by and the venue has an enthusiastic following of Thai people and expats that help to add to the fun vibes. People who want to really let their hair down will want to make sure that they have secured a spot to rock out before midnight as you can be sure that at this time it will be standing room only.

Slim & Flix

This is perhaps the biggest and most popular nightclub in RCA and offers plenty of great music and people to rub shoulders with.

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